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Avijit Dutta


A visionary leader, a master executioner and a warm person, Avijit has worked in travel and cargo for far longer than he would care to admit. Avijit foresaw the potential in travel industry and had the willpower to realize it. Avijit plays a key role in decision making and strategizing the future course of the Company.

Kavya Dutta


Her passion is to enable others to travel the world by organising their travel arrangements and encouraging the all-round learning experiences that come from exposure to other cultures. She travelled the world at both ends of the spectrum, from being a backpacker to staying in some of the best luxury hotels the world can offer. Her favourite part of the job is working with other cultures and learning from the fascinating people she encounters on her travels. Like all of Barganza's best clients, she is constantly daydreaming about far off places and planning her next big adventure.

Abhijit Chakraborty

( CEO )

With an experience in the Travel Trade for over 30 years having worked in multiple IATA Travel Agencies and in Leading Airlines, Abhijit Chakrabarty has had the privilege of working in various spheres within the travel fraternity. Besides being a thorough Travel Professional, Abhijit is an avid traveller himself which has taken him to 28 countries so far and counting ………… , a passionate photographer in both still and video formats as well as an ardent world music enthusiast.

Surajit Ghosh Dastidar


Mr Surajit Ghosh Dastidar looks after the day-to-day Operations at Barganza that entails handling our niche clientele with their varied queries as well as coordinating with different vendors to deliver each and every promise that we make to our esteemed Guests. Having worked in the Trade since 1994, Surajit has gathered experience in ticketing, visa, group handling, tours and managing corporate accounts, et al.

Swaraj Sarkar

( Accountant )

He has over 20 years of accounting experience in the Travel & Cargo Industry and has been a part of the company since inception. He takes care of day to day accounting, billing and money management.


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